Island Chairs dealerships and distributor positions are available. Please inquire by Email: All Content of this Website is copyright (c) by Island Chairs, LLC Orbit Websites WARRANTY Warranty Island Chairs warrants its hanging chairs for workmanship and material used in the manufacturing of the product(s) for a period of one (1) year from the recorded date of purchase. It explicitly does not warrant the products against misuse, wrong use, abuse, or improper installation. Excessive exposure to the weather such as rain, sun and cold, or weight greater than 300 pounds, are considered to be a misuse of the product. Return Policy Island Chairs checks each of its chairs prior to shipping and we are confident that you, like many other satisfied customer, will be happy with the chair and enjoy it every day. Never the less, we have a return policy in place. However, due to abuse by some customers, we have changed the policy as follows: The customer must return the chair in its original, undamaged condition and in the original box within 7 days of receipt (determined by the Shipment tracking delivery date) . Only the purchase price will be refunded and a 20% restocking fee will be deducted from the amount. The balance will be refunded only after inspection of the products. No credit will be issued for any damage to the products done by the customer or the freight companie(s) involved. Prior to returning any products, the customer must contact Island Chairs to receive a Return Authorization Number (RAN). The return package must have the Return Authorization Number clearly displayed inside and outside the package. Proper Use Of Product The Island Chair and Stand is designed to be a static hanging hammock chairs, or basket chairs type chair, from a single point to support a maximum of 300 pounds. It is not intended too to be a swing or bouncing chair. Even individuals less than 300 pounds can generate excessive force (weight) greater than 300 pounds, by swinging or bouncing in the chair. The separate length of rope supplied with each chair is to be used only when the chair is installed on an Island Chair Stand. The rope should be connected to the two sides of the chair and behind the stand to keep the chair from rotating 360 degrees. Under NO circumstances should the chair be hung from this rope. When the chair is not hung from an Island Chair Stand, it is recommended the chair be hung from a chain rated for 300 pounds or more and with links large enough to adjust the height of the chair. It is good practice to check the point of hanging (i.e. the hook, limb, etc.) from which the chair is hung. Be certain the swivel hook of the chair is properly in place. The Island Chair should be hung at a maximum of 18 inches from the ground. To exit the chair, simply put your feet on the ground, take two steps backward, and stand up. Do not push or pull on the horizontal center aluminum bar to exit the chair. The footrest is designed to support the occupant's feet only. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the design or installation of an Island Chair, please do not hesitate to contact us. NuSkin Is Aging getting under and on your Skin? Watch a short Video showing the new Galvanic Spa II by Nu Skin and other fine Products from this 26 year old company Sponsor ID US1211067 Menu top Menu bottom Welcome to the original Island Chair Island Chair logo 1-239-206-1031 Island Chairs, TM Welcome to the original