Island Chairs dealerships and distributor positions are available. Please inquire by Email: All Content of this Website is copyright (c) by Island Chairs, LLC Orbit Websites TESTIMONIALS Letters from Schools, Dectors and regular People who are using the Island Chair Blissful Bedrooms is a strong supporter of Island Chairs, as we've included them in the room design of two of our bedroom makeovers. David and Kathya are quite fond of their Island Chairs, because of the unique support and comfort it affords them, which other chairs can't match. Another company had donated a hanging chair before we received yours, but we do believe that your chair offers better support for David's needs and that is why we later replaced the other one with yours. Watching David and Kathya calmly relax in their new chairs, we couldn't help but say, “How therapeutic!” The Island Chairs are great for individuals with Cerebral Palsy, who do not have many choices for positioning outside of their wheelchair - and they're incredibly affordable! Dear Island-Chairs, A friend of mine has given me one of her Island Chairs as a present and I have used it practically on a daily basis. I have Scheuermann (Kyphosis), a disease of the spine, and this wonderful chair has helped me tremendously in reliving back pain. I'm 6'3" tall and 250 lbs, and I fit in the Island Chair perfectly. All in all, the chair has allowed me to relax and get rid of stress by just "floating" in it for a while. It has also helped me sleeping better and I'm very thankful for the gift and also that someone has designed it. I have tried some other hanging chairs before, but never felt ao comfortable as in this one. W. O. Dear Ursula, I first wanted to let you know that it was a true pleasure meeting you. Secondly, the passion you have for comfort by utilizing ergonomic support is very apparent. As a doctor of Chiropractic, I am out in the public speaking of health and the benefits of proper posture. Poor posture is a huge cause to many stresses such as aches, pains, and stiffness. The other being mental posture, the posture that often dictates our stress levels. When I first met you, I was welcomed to sit in one of your Island Chairs. I was skeptical if it would support me because of my physical build. Immediately upon setting up, my body melted into place. I had support in all of the key pressure areas along my spine, arms, and legs. My lower back was supported, my upper back and neck contoured to the adjustable head rest and my arms rested perfectly allowing my shoulders to fully relax. I did not want to get up. In my opinion, there are many benefits from the use of the Island Chair. I can also openly recommend this chair to anyone that would like to take a mental vacation and reduce the stresses that we allow to accumulate in our lives. Sincerely, Donald Moore, D.C Here is a big thank you for making a fine quality chair available. My wife and I teach relaxation and meditation classes, and we often take your chair to our courses. I use your chair, along with the relaxation CDs I created, to clear my daily stresses and relax deeply. Some of my guided meditations use floating and spinning experiences, which your chair really enhances. Thanks, Robert Petteway My husband and I originally got our Island Chair for our chronic bad backs, which worked wonders for us. But we discovered several additional benefits from them as time went on. Soon after our purchase, I was diagnosed with non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma. During the next six months, my chair was my salvation. After the stress of cancer treatments, I would return to “the chair” and my body just seemed to float. I could totally relax. The extra bonus came when we found we could hook the chair up to the halyard of our sailboat. Anyone that has pulled lines all day, and used “sea-legs” to compensate for the rolling of a vessel, should have an island chair at the end of the day. That and a great glass of wine! Sally Coombe picture Hi Ursula I bought an Island chair from you about 5 years ago and I'm more than satisfied!! I listen to my American soaps in it and I am so relax and confortable, that I sometime fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night. Now I would like to order an other Island Chair to put outside of my house. Please contact me. Thanks, Valérie G. M.Ps., Psychologue NuSkin Is Aging getting under and on your Skin? Watch a short Video showing the new Galvanic Spa II by Nu Skin and other fine Products from this 26 year old company Sponsor ID US1211067 Menu top Menu bottom Dear Ursula, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and back for your wonderful chair! This is the 5th Island Chair I have bought and , God willing, will not be my last. I have a spinal injury and am not comfortable in any other chair. My son-in-law bought a cheaper version – called a sky chair – but it is much smaller and not at all as comfortable as your Island Chair. Living in Mexico has made it a bit difficult to easily get them delivered -- but it is sooo very important to my daily comfort that we find a way. THANK YOU, Sheila in Mexico Dear Island Chairs, I have recently received an Island Chair and Stand for a student in my class with autism. First of all, the chair has worked miracles with him. He used to scream several times a day, and now the chair has provided him the sensory input he needs to calm down. His screaming has almost completely quit. Please let other teacher know about this wonderful chair. Thank you J. S. Madison Middle School FROM: Marvin Kowalewski, Ph.D SUBJECT: Use of Island Chairs in Therapy I recommend the use of the Island Chair and would encourage study to understand the effect on these children. In using the Island Chair we find that the child is not only suspended, but in this case with pressure from the sides, providing that same "squeezing" effect… In addition, there is another motion introduced… swinging, or the effect of swinging. It seems to provide  a certain enjoyment in the stimulation of the vestibular ganglion which  receives positional information. Read more... Welcome to the original Island Chair Island Chair logo 1-239-206-1031 Island Chairs, TM Welcome to the original