Island Chairs dealerships and distributor positions are available. Please inquire by Email: All Content of this Website is copyright (c) by Island Chairs, LLC THE STORY OF THE ISLAND CHAIR Why I designed it and what it has done for me and many others Orbit Websites The Island Chair was created because of an accident, but the Chair's great success is definitely no accident! When the Swiss Interior Designer, Ursula Nussbaum, suffered a back injury in an accident, she couldn't find comfort or relive in any of the other existing hanging chairs or hammocks on the market, so she decided to design her own hanging Chair to ease her back pain and named it "Island Chair". But this fabulous hanging chair turned out to be much more than just a great back pain and stress reliever. Ursula's goal was to achieve the maximum support of the entire body - spine, neck, lower back and legs - without any pressure points, taking the weight and strain away from the spine and lower back. The support offered by the Island Chair was instrumental in accelerating her healing, to the great amazement of her chiropractor. After her recovery, Ursula made the Island Chair available to the public and in 1999 founded the company Island Chairs™, LLC. Because the Island Chair has been designed for, and tested on many back pain sufferers with great success, it has become known all over the world. What's even more amazing, the Island Chairs seems to have a positive effects on children with Autism and even Cerebral Palsy. Other beneficiaries of the Island Chairs are women, who are either pregnant or nursing, because it relaxes them and they feel less pressure on their bodies, and it has shown to reduce the nursing time significantly (see under Pregnancy & Nursing). The response from our costumers has been incredible. People from all over the world have heard about the Island Chair and are now enjoying its benefits. Even Chiropractors are recommending it to some of their patients. Those lucky enough not to have any health issues, will enjoy the "stress-free lounging", as we like to call it. Relaxing in your Island Chair after a hard day's work can relive tensions that have built up and help you getg a good night's rest. So, get yourself an Island Chair and experience the benefits first hand. picture NuSkin Is Aging getting under and on your Skin? Watch a short Video showing the new Galvanic Spa II by Nu Skin and other fine Products from this 26 year old company Sponsor ID US1211067 Menu top Menu bottom Welcome to the original Island Chair Island Chair logo 1-239-206-1031 Island Chairs, TM Welcome to the original