Island Chairs dealerships and distributor positions are available. Please inquire by Email: All Content of this Website is copyright (c) by Island Chairs, LLC Orbit Websites THE ISLAND CHAIR and PREGNANCY / NURSING NuSkin Is Aging getting under and on your Skin? Watch a short Video showing the new Galvanic Spa II by Nu Skin and other fine Products from this 26 year old company Sponsor ID US1211067 Menu top Menu bottom You're embarking on the wonderful, exciting journey to motherhood. We know you have soaring hopes and great dreams for your baby. But before your baby arrives, you probably have many questions. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare for what's ahead so you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Our wonderful 'Island Chairs' hanging chair is a miracle for you and your baby to have the time to know and feel each other before and after your birth in a total relaxed way. During the pregnancy the Island Chair will make you very comfortable, it will relieve your back tension, and it will give you optimal circulation in your legs and entire body. When your baby is nursed in the Island Chair, the baby is very calm, because you are relaxed. Breastfeeding creates an intimate mother-child bond. While snuggled in close, breastfeeding your baby has both nurturing and nutritional benefits. Your baby gets skin-to-skin touching and close eye contact, while consuming nature's most perfect nutrition. picture Benefits: •Support your back and legs •Increases your circulation •Helps you to sleep in the last weeks •Calms baby down when it can't find sleep •Relaxes the baby's tummy when they have cramps •Baby is nursed faster because you are relaxed •We wish you and your baby many wonderful moments in your Island Chair Welcome to the original Island Chair Island Chair logo 1-239-206-1031 Island Chairs, TM Welcome to the original