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This video shows a mother with her autistic boy and his first encounter with the Island Chair. Autistic children are fearful of new and unfamiliar things, but with her help, he overcomes his initial fear and finally enjoys the chair. As the many testimonials seem to indicate, the Island Chair provides a safe haven for kids with special needs, autistic children in particular. When they have their frequent tantrums, it calms them down almost immediately. What a wonderful side effect from what was meant to be just a relaxing and comfortable hanging chair! Ursula Nussbaum, an interior designer from Switzerland, created the Island Chair for her own needs, after a slip and fall accident with back injury. It helped her healing process so tremendously, that she decided to market it worldwide. After selling many of the chairs to adults, just as a very relaxing and comfortable hanging chair, Ursula began receiving reports and testimonials from schools and other facilities, which stated that her Island Chair was also being used very successfully with autistic children and those with cerebral palsy. This was a wonderful surprise for the children loving Ursula, who now has turned her focus on schools for, and parents of autistic children. A Video about an autistic boy’s first encounter  with the Island Chair