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Island Chair hanging from Tree
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Island Chair on the Deck
Although hammock chairs, porch swings and some camping chairs can be hung from tree limb or beam, the Island Chair is different and can be hung from a single point inside or outside from any strong joist, beam, tree branch, island chair stand,  or other support that can hold up to 300 pounds. The Island Chair is perfect for the home, pool decks, camping, motor homes and boats.
Free standing Island Chair If you need a support, the Island Chair and Stand is your answer!

An Island Chair Stand will also give you the flexibility of moving your chair wherever you like to have it, indoors or outdoors. You can even disassemble it into five pieces and take it on a camping trip!

The chair can be rolled up like a sleeping bag.

The Island Chair is a suspended relaxation device. It was ergonomically designed so that the entire human body can relax without any pressure on the spine, neck, lower back or legs. The extremely good Lombard support relieves back pain. Your body is actually held in a cradled position. You feel like you are floating. Your body weight is evenly supported in a most comfortable way, in any inspiring environment, for every mood.
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